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How customer-focussed are you really?

Most companies consider themselves constuomer-focussed. But are they really?

Customer focus mostly becomes an issue if winning new customers seems difficult - in other words if customers do not simply show up but have to be acquired with a lot of effort. You need to know: The difficulty of winning customers is a simptom of your lack of customer focus.

So what can I do for you. hilber.com is the place, 

  • where new customers are won easily and with a lot of fun,
  • where your company becomes the service leader in your industry,
  • where your customer and staff relations are analyzed and managed with great impact.

The videos on our Youtube Channels MYMASTERLAN.TV and CONSTANT DIALOG deliver first insights into our methods and the impact they generated. But the real huge steps start when you booko Jörg Hilber as the Master of Masterplanning to help your company do the nex big step!

Top conferences for your company and your clients

I am the top keynote speaker for your customer and teams events and business club

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Workshops for you and your team

I am the moderator of your interactive Workshops in the area of customer delight, sales, leadership and strategy.

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Your Masterplan to success

Together will will establish THE Masterplan to success in your business and life.

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Better research, better know how

I am you specialist in market and social research / the development of personality tests.

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